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Beyonce & Celebs Demand An End To Gun Violence [Music News]


It’s always nice when celebs use their fame to send a positive message. In this video Beyonce, Amy Poehler, Jon Ham, Chris Rock and many more instruct the viewer to demand a plan to end gun violence saying, “How many more . . . ?”

This leaked track from Lana Del Rey called “Noir” reveals how processed her voice is when her tracks are finished and get cleaned up. I actually like the song even though it’s sort of . . . terrible. How many time is she going to use the line, “They say you the best.” 

Azealia Banks has accused her current boyfriend and Cold Play manager, Dave Holmes, of domestic violence via. Twitter.  She immediately deleted the Tweet but NecoleBitchie snagged it.

“ColdPlay’s manager Dave Holmes is a piece of sh–. Second time he has put his f—– hands on me.”

Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga are collaborating on a documentary for her new album ARTPOP. I’m 100% sure none of it will be completely and utterly contrived. 

God of Gods, Sirens of Sirens, Britney Spears is probably going to get fired from X-Factor

The new album cover for Justin Bieber’s Believe: Acoustic makes me feel . . . 

This is what Miley got for Christmas . . . hoodrat style.

2 Chainz, Lord and Savior, 2 Chainz has dropped the video for, “I’m Different.” 

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