Molly Explains the BCS Bowl Games For Us Simpletons

It’s been one long month since I’ve seen a good college football game, but winter means it’s BCS Bowl Game Time! Now that you all know how a football game works, it’s about time we talk about some of the most important games of the year. There are, like, tons of college bowl games and some have already been played. Some are being played this week and they will be played almost continuously on ESPN and ABC from now until January 7th – that’s the BCS Championship. Typically, the closer the bowl game falls to the 7th, the better the game is and the better the team is. I know my home-state of Nebraska is playing in the Captial One Bowl against the Georgia Bulldogs. But I want to talk today about the biggest of the bowl games, and let you smart ladies get on my level of insider football knowledge.
The Rose Bowl – Jan 1 on ESPN at 5:00 pm ET
The Teams: Wisconsin Badgers vs Standford Cardinals
Prediction – The Big 10 has been all sorts of cray this year because of Penn State and Ohio State not being able to actually play in bowl games. With Wisconsin’s 8-5 record, I think even Wisconsin is surprised to be playing in the Rose Bowl. Standford, on the other hand, is ranked #6 out of the Top 25 team and holds a pretty solid 11-2 record. Wisconsin has a pretty solid running game and I’d love them to win, because I like the Big 10 and it’d make the conference look better, but I’m gonna give the win to Stanford.
Someone who looks nice in those tight pants: Stanford’s Quarter Back Josh Nunes. He looks so all-American. UNF.
The Orange Bowl – Jan 1 on ESPN at 8:30 pm ET
The Teams: Florida State Seminoles vs Northern Illinois Huskies
Prediction – Well, I didn’t really predict Northern Illinois to be in a huge BCS game at all, but yay for them! They won their conference in an intense double overtime game and basically kicked some major ass all year, despite an initial loss to Iowa. They have an excellent running game. This game is going to be a close one, because it’s putting the Number 7 scoring defense (The Seminoles) vs the number 9 scoring offense (Huskies). I gotta give this one to the underdog though, go Huskies!
Someone who looks nice in those tight pants: Northern Illinois’ Quarter Back Jordan Lynch. He has really nice arms, like..really nice. Let me just say one more time, he has nice arms.
The Sugar Bowl – Jan 2 on ESPN at 8:30 pm ET
The Teams: Louisville Cardinals vs Florida Gators
Prediction – This is the first time Florida has been in a BCS bowl since 2009! That’s a long ass time, but they went almost undefeated this season except for a loss to Georgia. The Cardinals have had a strong season as well and they walked away with the Big East title. Although I think it will be a close game, I think the Gators are gonna pull out another W.
Someone who looks nice in those tight pants: Florida’s Running Back Mike Gillislee. He has this bad boy vibe going on, and we all know how hard it is to resist a bad boy.
The Fiesta BowlJan 3 on ESPN at 8:30 pm ET
The Teams: Oregon Ducks vs. Kansas State Wildcats
Prediction – Both the Ducks and the Wildcats have the same record. They are both 11-1 overall and 8-1 in their conferences. Kansas State lost to Baylor the SAME WEEK Oregon lost to Stanford, so that’s ironic. Oregon is also 3rd in rushing yards (when they run the ball) and 67th in passing while Kansas Sate is 33rd in rushing and 86th in passing. Oregon’s program has been pretty solid the past couple of years, so I’m going to give them the win, although seeing Kansas State win would be a really great Cinderella Story.
Someone who looks nice in those tight pants: Oregon’s Running Back Kenjon Barner. He’s fast, cute, and his smile is super melt-worthy.
BCS Championship GameĀ  – Jan 7th on ESPN at 8:30 pm ET
The Teams: Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Alabama Crimson Tide
Prediction – Since I was born I was bred to hate Notre Dame, I think it was a being born in Iowa thing, but I’m also very Irish so I’m kind of hoping they win. (Sorry Caitlin!) However, Alabama has been to the championship quite a bit lately. They’ll be playing for their third title of the last four football seasons. Both teams are rich in tradition, but Notre Dame hasn’t played for a title since 1988. Mere single digits separate the teams in passing and rushing yards, with ‘Bama scoring just a little bit higher. Although I think I might be wrong in this prediction – I’m giving it to the Fighting Irish.
Someone who looks nice in those tight pants: Alabama’s Quarterback AJ McCarron. He’s a southern gentleman, ladies, and he has the prettiest eyes.

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