The OkCupid Goldmine Tumblr is The Ultimate Dream Man Resource

You know when you’re on a first date with someone and you’re sharing stories and you kind of edit them to make yourself sound a little bit more impressive, or less neurotic, or whatever it may be? It’s kind of like a game of poker, the best cards are often the ones you haven’t yet played. It’s better to maintain a little mystery, keep some things to yourself and then share the details over time. Especially if you’re going to hit your date with a bomb like “I don’t really brush my teeth.”
Online dating makes that a little more difficult, people kind of get the idea that they have to bare all in their dating profiles. One user took the time to rifle through the bad, awkward, and most definitely creepy for our own enjoyment. These people are not real. I mean, just let their profiles speak for themselves. Why would you ever say that to anyone ever?! I HAVE NO EVENS. Like…no wonder these people are single. I just..can’t.

All pictures via OkCupid Goldmine

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