Website Says You're A Prostitute, Demands You Pay For Name To Be Removed [Sugar Binge]

In super fantastic news there is a website,, where users can submit photos, names, phone numbers and personal information if they “suspect” that someone is a sex worker. No need for the person’s permission or anything! Whether it’s true or not the website then demands that you pay an exorbitant fee to get all your info removed. According to BoingBoing:

“It claims that U.S. laws indemnify it for the actions of its users. Though it solicits material it knows could be libelous or defamatory, it says it has no obligation to remove claims, even when they are proven to be false. It even reports that it’s been sued — and that it has won every case.”

Great. Great.Great.Great.
* Starting at midnight same-sex marriage will be legal in Maine. Weeeeee
* So half the female soldiers deployed to Iraq have reported sexual harassment while 1/4 have reported sexual assault. Sigh.
* Check out this supercut of Sex and The City segues.

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