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<i>Warm Bodies</i> Might Warm My Heartless Soul [Candy Dish]


I’m not the biggest fan of the zombie craze, but Warm Bodies looks super cute. While I haven’t read the book yet, I heard it’s amazing and quirky. This movie just seems precious, and it stars the adorable Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. What’s not to love about a zombie falling in love with his victim’s girlfriend? Watch the first four minutes here!

Y’all, Breaking Bad’s Walt and Jesse in dog form. I die.

Lindsay Lohan is allegedly staying home on New Year’s. Yeah, and Geico doesn’t save me 15% or more on my car insurance.

If you think your boo is about to pop the question, look over these signs to find out if he isn’t.

Before you see Les Miserables, make sure you know who’s who!

Check out these cute essentials for your dorm (or tiny apartment) kitchen.

What do you do if you don’t like the gift your boyfriend got you?

This is a great New Year’s resolution success story. Fingers crossed we can keep ours!

Here’s some photographic awesomeness for your Sunday viewing pleasure.

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