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Reviewing the Burberry Complete Eye Palette [In Our Makeup Bag]


What It Is:

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in 05 Dark Spice

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Burberry eyeshadows are something of legend in beauty circles. The creamiest, most pigmented and blendable shadows some say! I’ve never indulged in one, but was excited to hear that they were finally making eyeshadows palettes. They are still pricey, but better value and in reality, when’s the last time any of us beauty junkies actually used up an entire eyeshadow?

The quad I picked is 05 Dark Spice and contains a warm yellow, a very warm brown, a chocolate brown and a deep black. It also comes with 3 mini brushes for application. I couldn’t wait to give it a go!

(three mini brushes included)

How To Use It:
I decided to use the four shades in a very traditional way: yellow on the lid, topping the yellow with a very sheer layer of the warm brown and building it up in the crease, chocolate brown in the outer corner and lastly, the deep black as a liner.

CC Rating: A-

After playing around with the Burberry Complete Eye Palette in 05 Dark Spice, I have decided on an A- grade. The quality of the four shadows is pretty great; smooth, pigmented and blendable. I guess if you’re looking for a palette to create a warm, but more more matte smokey eye with, then this is your dream! That, however, is not often what I go for. My eye looks usually fall into two categories: a super natural daytime look (light nudes and taupes) or the all-out nighttime look (deep, sparkly shadows with intense pigment). This palette kind of falls in between the two; the texture and finish of the shadows is more subdued, but the colors are deep and intense. The shades are great for what I’ve coined the professional dramatic eye.

That being said, the quality is still exceptional. All four shadows are up to Burberry standards and I have been able to work them into other looks using different shadows, but together they aren’t my favourite. The only thing keeping this palette from being a must-have for those looking for a warm, smokey eye are the brushes. I don’t know why Burberry bothered to include them because they are rubbish. This is usually the name of the game with “bonus” brushes, but I was expecting more from Burberry. If you do end up purchasing a palette in this range (there are a variety of other shades), throw the brushes out right away and don’t waste your time.

I’m definitely curious and want to check out the other palettes in this release! If the Burberry Complete Eye Palette in 05 Dark Spice is up your alley, it retails for $59 USD at Burberry’s website and a variety of other luxury cosmetic stores.

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