7 Great College Blogs You Need In Your Life

So a couple years ago we compiled a list of our favorite college blogs. From survival guides, to cooking guides, to the dos and don’ts of fashion and hair we supplied it all. We featured some great blogs that we hope became regular visits for you ladies, because they definitely did for us. But it also got us thinking. Before that post, we didn’t even know that those blogs¬†existed. How many other great blogs were out there that we didn’t know about?

Apparently quite a few.

We’ve made a second search of the entire internet in these last few weeks and have come up with 7 more great college blogs that you should all be reading. Admissions essays, making brownies, finding the perfect spring time accessories…we’ve definitely dug up some more excellent finds. Who are some of your favorite college bloggers?

[Lead image via Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock]

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