Chef Farts on His Employees, Then Tells The World Via Craigslist. Nice.

In what is probably the weirdest news of the day, one self-proclaimed well-known chef (he’s allegedly been on The Food Network) set himself up for the ultimate challenge. He attempted to fart on every single one of his employees. It’s a weird enough concept unto itself, right? Well he made the game even more difficult by introducing the following rules, as outlined in his very public Craigslist Ad:

1. The only rules I had were this: I had to fart on everyone, I mean including my bread guy, my pasta guy, all our dishwashers, my sous chef, etc…

2. They had to either hear, smell or be somehow aware that I have farted on them. This is where it gets tricky.

3. I have to do it in order of name, alphabetically, and I cant skip people and come back.

4. At least 80 percent had to make a comment or some type of revolting behavior afterward, and if they didnt, I had to do them again and again, the same person, until they finally surrendered to the demon that is my fart.

The masked farter hasn’t revealed himself, but you can grab the full story along with more clues over on TheFrisky. Have any guesses as to who it could be?

[Lead image via benicce/Shutterstock]

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