Enough With Resolutions, Try This Stuff In 2013 [Gallery]

Resolutions can be stupid. Us CC writers proved that already. I’m not saying that I’m not making any because that’s a lie. This year I decided to do all the things I want to do because it’s my life and I can. A resolution by definition is “a resolve or determination” which basically means that you’re going to make an earnest decision to do or not do something. The key word there I think is earnest.

We’re probably not going to keep our resolutions. Not because we don’t want to, but because we rarely make ones earnestly that we actually have a desire to keep. So how about instead of making all these crazy resolutions that are just outlandish, we just resolve to try new things? If you don’t like it, move along to the next thing. If you do, then keep at it and it will become a resolution itself.

I’ve rounded up some things that you should try in 2013. Just give it a go…

What are some things you want to try this year? Let me know in the comments!

Caitlin is a graduate of the University of Alabama who has an obsession with cupcakes, coffee, and Harry Potter. She always has random fun facts and is now living and adventuring in New York City. Follow her fabulous life @caitlincorsetti. You’re welcome!

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