Dawson’s Creek Missed Reunion #5,729

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but the cast of Dawson’s Creek almost has a reunion like every other day. Seriously. Joshua Jackson and Busy Phillips are still close. They run into each other a lot. Several of the cast members have appeared on James van der Beek’s Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23. Even Katie Holmes has said she think a reunion would be fun.

I’m getting very antsy over here with them just like not letting this happen. So much that I freak out when I see things like Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips just casually having a beach day with Jason Segel. Michelle and Busy are chillin’, Busy’s all pregnant, and Jason is like “Man I wish I had been a part of this super awesome show because I never hang out with my cast.” This is a threesome that I would very-much like to be involved in.

They’re really teasing us at this point, and it’s quite rude. FILM THE REUNION ALREADY OKAY?!

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