11 New Year Resolutions He Wishes You’d Make [Dude’s List]

Did you make your resolution? How many? How many have you kept? How many are you planning to keep? We all make them. A lot of people actually try to keep to them for a month, even six weeks. But most resolutions are a mistake to make. The reason they’re mistakes are simple: you’re the one making them. You’re not going to be objective enough to do it. In truth, be brave, bite the bullet and ask him what resolution he’d like you to make. Watch his eyes go as wide as Smaug’s [Editor’s Note: Had to Google “Smaug”]. Perhaps he’ll be honest enough to suggest one of the following…

Before you dismiss all of these, ask a random man on the street. Go ahead, I dare you, I double dare you. Read this list to him and see what happens. Plus come on, fight fair, what resolutions do you wish guys would make?



[Lead image via Ljupco Smokovski/Shutterstock]

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