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How to Make a Man Fall In Love With You


The title of this post is pretty absurd, right? I mean, I can barely make a guy take out my recycling, much less fall in love with me forever. Am I just supposed to wave some magic wand? “Poof, sir! Now you shall love me until the Kardashians are no longer on TV!” Get real.

Well, shocker, apparently it is possible. You can make a man want to rub up on your cold feet in bed and watch Girls with you on a Sunday night (at least that’s what I equate with true love). The experts — I’m talkin’ the ones with degrees in this biz — have weighed in and revealed what it takes on your part to get him head over heels. No voodoo required.

(I’m still skeptical.)

[Lead image via benicce/Shutterstock]