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Fantasy of Fantasies, James Franco is Justin Bieber [Video]


The cosmos must really be trying to get my 2013 off to a blazing start. Yesterday I found out that my swag master/spirit animal/future BFFL is getting his own reality TV show, today I saw this video of James Franco lip synching to Jusin Bieber’s timeless hit “Boyfriend”. It’s a beautiful, blurry mix of moptop hair and groping hands and I think I’m in love. There’s someone waving a flashlight and a girl humping the air in pleather booty shorts. It’s like Paris Hilton’s sex tape, but better.

Like most people, I’m not sure how James Franco’s brain works. One minute he’s teaching university classes, the next he’s a homeless murderer on a daytime soap opera…today’s he’s Justin Bieber. Can we just agree to collectively observe this phenomenon and not ask questions?