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Astrid Helps You Manage Your To-Dos [Web Spy]


Now that you’ve made all those ambitious New Year’s resolutions, the important next step is making sure you keep them!

One way I like to stay on top of my resolutions is by making a list to remind me of my goals and track of my progress. While the basic handwritten list works just fine, a virtual version, such as Astrid, provides useful benefits that make it a better choice over the usual pen-and-paper kind.

There are lots of to-do list type websites and apps out there, but what sets Astrid apart is its ease of use and pretty, clean interface. Another awesome standout feature of Astrid are the funny reminder notes. Besides ensuring you don’t forget about even the smaller things on your list, the cute reminders help motivate you to complete your goals.

Type in your tasks, add due dates and recurrence (if necessary), and prioritize them (you can even add sub-tasks) to get started on your list. Once you’ve completed a task, just click the check box to cross it out. That’s all there is to it!

Astrid is also useful for tracking other important to-dos, whether they’re personal errands, schoolwork, or anything else, by creating separate lists. Another feature of Astrid is sharing, which allows you to create a shared list with other Astrid users, as well as assign or delegate tasks to a specific person. It’s perfect for making sure everyone knows what needs to be done in group projects or reminding your roommate(s) what chores need to be done or when bills need to be paid.

You can access and update your lists via the web, but Astrid is also available as a mobile app that syncs your lists on both Apple devices and Android, so you can update your progress as you make it! The mobile apps also allow you to simply speak your tasks to have them added to your list — how cool is that?

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