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Kimye Vow To Protect Baby’s Privacy, World LOLs [Sugar Binge]


Kim Kardashian has vowed to protect the privacy of her and Kanye’s baby. A “source” told, “She doesn’t even want the baby to be seen for the first six months. They have decided as a family that their baby is not going to be on the shows and ready to dial back from being so public’ herself.” Ummmm, but how though? It’s not surprising that she would feel pressured to withdraw from the spotlight. Kanye may have a big mouth, he may love fame but he doesn’t enjoy scrutiny or unwanted attention. Kim seems to take what she can get. Do you think Kimye will manage to stay out of the spotlight? After all, they allegedly turned down $3 mil for baby pics.

• GQ names Beyonce the “Sexiest Woman of the Century.” For she is Queen.

• I am hyperventilating right now: there may not be coffee in the future. Thanks, global warming. I would die. I’ve been on the hot stuff since I was five years old. By 2080, the beans are going to hit the fan

” Changing climate threatens to reduce the flow of coffee that fills 1.6 billion cups a day to a trickle. It may not be long before that after-dinner espresso costs more than the wine and some caffeine addicts will be forced to go cold turkey.”

• The Razzies have been announced, Twilight wins again. Kristen Stewart and company proceed to cringe in the fetal position.

• Here are celebrities reading mean Tweets about themselves. Always charming. 

• A high school teacher was fired for being transgender or as the principal would like to say, “worse than gay.” Let the eye rolling begin.

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