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Like Tumblr & Pinterest, Instagram Has Pro Ana/Thinspo Problem [Candy Dish]


The use of thinspo and pro ana images on social blogging platforms is nothing new unfortunately. Tumblr has, in the past, made an effort to censor much of the images that feature very thin girls with taglines like, “Would you rather have a slice of pizza or a thigh gap?” What’s troubling is that for people who have eating disorders or those who are susceptible to them, images like this can trigger their illness. What’s even worse is that it creates an online community that reinforces destructive behavior by establishing a “supportive” community that will ultimately make you feel good and proud for doing something intrinsically harmful.

HelloGiggles discusses the issue.

“It seems that some people (mostly teenaged females) have been using the photo service to share ideas and images that are pro anorexia. Using hashtags like #Ana and #Thinspo, Instagram has started posting a warning message when you search for one of those tags which basically says that you are about to see graphic content and lists a website for eating disorder support. Once you click “see images”, a sea of images bombards you. Over 306,000 and counting for #Ana alone.”


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