Blind Gossip Says This Scruffy Actor’s Looking for a Girlfriend


While indulging one of my favorite guilty pleasures this morning, my interest was piqued upon reading the following item on Blind Gossip:

He is a really good actor. He has even had some roles that have been nominated for a big award or two. Yet this over-30 quiet guy wants more attention. He is not dating the woman with whom is is hanging around, but he is interested in having a girlfriend. His team has been calling around town trying to find a new one for him. Here are the requirements: She must be thin, pretty, and famous with no scandal in her background. Oh, and she must like facial hair.

The genius BG commenters seem to think the man in question in Jake Gyllenhaal, but what do you think? If it is him, someone get me his agent’s number…I’m definitely interested in applying for the position!

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[Lead image via wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock]

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