Demi Lovato Is In Sober Living House [Candy Dish]


Demi Lovato’s struggle with addiction and self-harm has been largely public and appears to be one of those stories with a happy ending. Those are few and far between among young Hollywood, so we’re happy to see that Demi is in a sober living house. It’s a smidgen different from rehab, you’re allowed to leave the facility but you live among other recovering addicts and supportive experts who can help keep you clean. It’s actually pretty unheard of in Tinseltown for a  celebrity to be this committed to sobriety. Usually, they’re in and out and pretend like all of a sudden they’ve been miraculously “fixed.” It’s a bit refreshing to see a young pop star so upfront about complicated destructive behavior is, even for those who want to put it behind them.

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