5 Great Beauty Necessities Found Right In Your Local Drugstore

I love to experiment with makeup, especially with different concealers and lip colors. Even when I find the perfect look, I can’t stay happy for long. However, let’s face it — we’re all poor college students on a budget and experimenting with high end makeup isn’t really an option for all of us. Plus, makeup can be a very hit or miss kind of thing. There have been a million times when I have bought something, went home and tried it on, and questioned myself, what was I thinking?

But, have no fear. If you are looking for new makeup suggestions that seem to be a sure hit, CollegeFashion has made a list of the top five drugstore makeup finds that won’t break the bank but will leave you dazzling. 

[Lead image via Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock]

Don’t Shy Away From Winter Whites [8 Under $20]
Don’t Shy Away From Winter Whites [8 Under $20]
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