Decorate Your Dorm Room With Crayon Art [DIY with CC]

The first thing I like to do when I move into my dorm room is decorate my walls. There is just something about bare dorm room walls that ¬†drives me nuts, and frankly, it just doesn’t feel like home until the walls are plastered with random things such as posters of your favorite boy band. However, there is only so many posters you can put up and they are kind of expensive nowadays! Instead, why not make your own cool art to hang up? I have been seeing these really cool crayon paintings all over the place and the great thing is, you probably have everything you need right in your room or it won’t break your budget to buy them!

Items You’ll Need:

– Canvas (any size you like!)
– Hot glue gun
-Hair Dryer
– Crayons
-Newspaper (to put on the floor to make the cleanup easy and catch the splatters!)

What to do:
***These instructions are for a very basic crayon art painting but you can arrange the crayons in whatever design you like!

1. Cover the space you’ll be working in with newspaper.
2. Pick out the crayons you want to use, and arrange the crayons how you would like them on the canvas.

3. Using a glue gun, glue the crayons to the canvas in whatever design you want. If you want the label on the crayon to be showing, make sure you to put the glue on the opposite side.

4. Place the canvas against the wall, and start blow drying the crayons. You may need to alternate between the hot and warm settings because some crayon colors melt faster than others. If the crayons are splattering, switch to a lower setting. Make sure you’re aiming the heat at the middle to the tip of the crayon. Once the crayons start melting, make sure you move the blow dryer around, and not keep it in one place.

5. Presto! You have a fabulous painting to brighten up your room!

Photos and Idea courtesy of 52 Kitchen Adventures! If you want recipes for delicious desserts, check them out! 

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