10 Things All Women Need to Know About Men

In this crazy, crazy world we live in, there are so many things we take for granted. Things like Easy Mac, Break ‘n Bake cookies and men. Yup, men. There’s no way around it, ladies — they’re on this earth with us for the next million years (or at the very least, until we learn how to procreate on our own), so we might as well get with it. And since there’s absolutely no escaping the crux of the male existence, there are quite a few things all women need to learn about our male counterparts.

So pour yourself a pinot, take a peek at your pedicure and pull out your notepads, betches, ’cause I’m rollin’ through the top ten clues all divas need when it comes to dudes. Here goes…

Kylie is a writer from New York who survives on pizza as her main food group. She’s obsessed with Harry Potter and believes that all there is know about life can be learned by watching Boy Meets World reruns in bed. Follow her daily musings on Twitter.

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