Think Like a Dude With These 6 Dating Rules

Ever wondered why it seems like men have it so much easier when it comes to dating? Though it’s annoying how men can make emotion (or lack thereof) seem effortless, you have to admit that they do know a thing or two about the dating world. From not harping on the fact that they didn’t get to the gym that day, to avoiding that cliched female downfall of over-analyzation, men seem to have it so much easier when it comes to finding someone. So why not start dating like them?

One thing that would be ridiculously helpful in the dating world would be to just find out what the guy’s thinking. So take a peek into what may be going through his head when he’s looking for someone and try following these Six Rules┬áto “Date Like a Dude!”

[Lead image via jayfish/Shutterstock]

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