Leave A Note For A Stranger [Ready U Conquer This List]

I am a notorious card-giver. My friends sometimes jokingly refer to me as “Hallmark” because I give cards and gifts all the time – just because! For this reason, I was especially excited to tackle the latest task on ReadyU’s Conquer This List in my quest to conquer all list items before the school year is over.

ReadyU is a great resource for college students that aims to help us conquer beyond the classroom, and number 27 on their Conquer This List is simple enough: Leave a Note for a Stranger as a Stranger.

Anonymity has never been my forte when it comes to giving people gifts or notes because I like to see their faces when they receive my kind words, but I am always up for trying new things. This was going to be fun. It was time to make someone’s day by leaving him or her a nice note; small inspirational #actsofkindness. I truly wanted this to be something special, especially with all the recent current and unfortunately tragic current events.

I ventured to a local book store in my area armed with little slips of paper that I had written small quotes and messages on that would bring a smile to anyone’s face. My plan was to put them into different books all over the store so that when book lovers are browsing, they can come across a little surprise, a small inspirational #actofkindness that could brighten even the darkest of days. Some of the notes had phrases with silly compliments on them like:

“You look gorgeous today!”

“Have you lost weight?”

“Your smile lights up this whole room.”

“You’re hilarious.”

“You’re just plain fabulous.”

“You are loved.”

“You matter in this world.”

I also put in some of my favorite inspirational quotations. Some from famous figures, some song lyrics, and some were just phrases I found on Tumblr or Pinterest. I hoped that a note from an anonymous stranger would not only take them by surprise, but also keep the string of positivity going. I hope that the pieces of paper that I placed in those books are found by people who read them, feel inspired, and pass along that kindness to someone else who might need it. Some of the quotes were as follows:

“Stop wishing. Start doing.”

“Limitations only exist if you let them.”

“Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top – it is the willpower that is the most important. This willpower you cannot buy with money or be given by others – it rises from your heart.” – Junko Tabei

“If you’re lost and alone, and you’re sinking like a stone. Carry on.” – Fun.

This task from the Conquer This List by ReadyU has been my favorite to complete so far. Not only did I feel great having passed along small #actsof kindness and goodwill, but I felt like this is a task that is truly worth conquering. Making someone smile, laugh, or feel better about themselves is an action that none of us do enough. And though I won’t be going to any bookstores again anytime soon, I will be telling the people around me how much I love them and how much they mean to me. I will try my best to compliment, inspire, and praise those around me in hopes that they will do the same for others.

Have you been conquering ReadyU’s list? If not, you still have half a school year left to tackle some pretty awesome tasks, and have fun while you’re doing it! Visit ReadyU’s Facebook page NOW and join me as I continue to check items off my list!

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