Let’s Break Down Jodie Foster’s Awkward “Coming Out” Speech

If there was any confusion during last night’s Golden Globes, it wasn’t about trying to understand Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent during his presentation; it wasn’t even trying to figure out T. Swift’s reaction to Tina and Amy’s jabs about her dating life (why couldn’t the cameraman show us that?). No, the Golden Globe for most confusing speech of the show goes to Jodie Foster and her acceptance of the Cecil B. DeMille award.

Surprisingly, Foster ended up discussing a little more than her acting career in her almost seven minute long speech. From her dating status, to quitting acting, to not quitting acting, Foster stayed on stage to talk about basically whatever crossed her mind (Honey B00 Boo even got a shout out!). To watch the video and read our reactions to all that Foster said, check out the clip and tell us what you think in the comments below!

0:11- SNL reference, I like it.

0:19- Is she talking about getting naked?

0:59- She feels like the prom queen. Well, I do like her dress.

1:27- Mel Gibson seems impressed by what she’s saying…so far…

1:43– Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks like she’s thinking, “When will this be over? I just want to find out who won best picture!”

2:10– That whole buildup about a confession was just to say that she’s single?!

2:32- She already came out about her sexuality a while ago and raised two kids with her partner at the time. What is this speech about again?

3:02- In case anyone was wondering, she is NOT Honey Boo Boo Child. Wait, so is that the point of her speech?

3:36- Zooey Deschanel looks like she understands what’s going on. Can she fill me in cause I still have no idea…

4:25– Mel Gibson’s thinking, “Whaaaat?”

4:32- Mel Gibson’s still thinking, “Whaaaat?”

5:00- Shout out to her sons; well, at least that was cute.

5:04- What song?

5:44- Aw, well that was nice.

6:08- So is she quitting acting?

6:22- But what is a talking stick?

6:31- Only dogs can hear it whistle? I think its time for this speech to be over, like five minutes ago.

6:48- So is she not quitting acting? Wait, what just happened?

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