Recap: Girls Season 2, Episode 1 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

Girls is a hotly debated (and now Golden Globe winning) HBO show about the Anglo-struggles of the mid-20s white girl in Brooklyn. While the main complaint is that creator Lena Dunham is looked at as some kind of deity by the recent graduate hipster bloggers that love Thought Catalog, the controversial critical acclaim and always-ready-for-debate audience cannot be denied. So what would be a better idea than to do some recaps of Girls from a dude’s perspective, right? Am I getting it? Or am I missing the point of this show completely? Let’s get to it:

In Which Hannah Gets Post-Racial But Not Really

The main complaint that I read over the interwebs about last season was that there wasn’t enough color on the show. As in black people. Lena Dunham attempted to reconcile this by giving hip, trendy blipster Donald Glover (of Community fame) 5 minutes of screen-time: 1 minute in which he’s having sex with her, 1 minute in which he references how hard she makes him, 2 minutes in which they make out in a bookstore and talk about her ex-boyfriend, and then another minute in which she shows up at his apartment past 2am and takes off all her clothes. Call me crazy, but it seems like Dunham’s character, Hannah, definitely has a jungle fever side piece/booty call on lockdown, which isn’t what I think all the critics had in mind for the idea of racial expansion on the show. But hey, you gotta give her props for trying, right?

In Which Shoshanna Goes Through Hymen Withdrawal 

It’s kind of sad that Shoshanna doesn’t get more of a spotlight like she did in this episode. Frankly, she was the only watchable part for me. Whether it was her opening sequence of meditation wishing ill on those who have wronged her, her oh-so-lonesome karaoke version of Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls”, her illuminating rants that no one asks for, her air DJ’ing with a plastic cup, or her facial expressions of post-virginal stress; Shoshanna just seemed to be the most realistic character in the episode. While her over-dramatics are not exactly based in logical thought, every thing that she did tonight within the party sequence I have either seen or heard in separate parties myself. This might mean I have a ton of bat-shit friends, or it just might mean that maybe, just maybe, we got some realism on Girls.

In Which Marnie Thinks She’s Hit Rock Bottom But Isn’t Even Close

I really love the character of Marnie right now. This girl thought she was perfect, thought she had it all figured out. All she had to do was break up with her boyfriend and everything was going to be okay. Instead, it all went to shit for her. In her introductory scenes, she loses her job, gets chastised by her mother and is that awkward girl at a party that you know kind of wants to cause a scene for attention, but you don’t know if she will. By the end of the night Marnie could’ve either been drugged up in the bathroom doing lines off of some dude’s chest, or had a really personal revelation…but we’ll get to that in the next paragraph. Instead, the fun part about Marnie is that right now, she thinks she’s as low as she can get, but as viewers, we’re like ‘Yo, this chick ISN’T EVEN CLOSE to knowing what a boot to the face feels like.” It’s exciting to watch a train-wreck sometimes no matter how bad it’ll make you feel, and Marnie is exactly that for me.

In Which The Most Awkward Sex Scene Ever Happens And Is Extremely Awkward

While Elijah is Hannah’s new roommate and needs to get involved in the storyline somehow, I just felt like this was the wrong way to go. While I love that this adds to the equation that is the obvious violent downward spiral Marnie is on: Call me crazy, but is there a logical thought here? You can add alcohol into the mix, but I just feel like no girl would willingly be like “Hey, get a condom” to a dude who is not only very openly gay, but had to kick out his boyfriend from the party that you’re winding down. Am I wrong here? Like seriously, what was Marnie thinking? Did this not make any sense to anyone else? Was it out of just a desperate need for attention? I really got lost here and the whole dialogue after it just made me feel like I missed something that was supposed to be profound for characterization. Oh well.

The start of the second season of Girls had glimmers of promise, but ultimately fell a little flat. Besides Shoshanna and the incoming clusterf*ck that will be Hurricane Marnie, you kind of wish that Lena Dunham maybe stuck to directing/writing for a couple of episodes and take Hannah completely off the screen. Not because she’s a bad character, but the other characters just seem to have the potential to be so good. Still, it’s only the first episode, so maybe everything’ll get fixed up. Watch the preview for next week’s episode below and let me know what you thought of this week in the comments or on Twitter:

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