Old Carrie vs. New Carrie: Comparing The Carrie Diaries To SATC

The Carrie Diaries is premiering today and as someone who watched every episode of Sex and The City I am pretty excited to have a new (silly), girlie show to watch. I’d like for there to be some authenticity and continuity between the old series and the new one. The show is already being criticized for making Carrie too privileged when Sex and The City portrayed Carrie as having a working class upbringing and a father who abandoned her, compared to the Carrie of The Carrie Diaries who is from the upper crust of Connecticut and who’s dad is loving and dapper. Those two backstories would arguably create two very different women. Having to work your way  up the social and economic ladder in NYC would instigate very different experiences than having a trust fund when you arrive. Still, we haven’t seen the new show yet.

I’ve decided to compare and contrast the style choices and wardrobe of Old Carrie and New Carrie to determine if this New Carrie is authentic to Old Carrie’s personality and mythology. 

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