18 Ridiculous Tabloid Covers [Gallery]

I studied pop culture in college because I believe celebrities, television, the media, film and books – the popular ones – serve as barometer for the cultural zeitgeist. From the low brow to the high, you can get a sense of society’s attitudes and norms from looking at the things they consume. With that said, tabloids are just insane. For the most part they are outright lies, I don’t think anyone reads them and believes them – at least I hope not. Nevertheless there is a market for them. What does it mean that we like to see – overwhelmingly negative – lies about the celebrities who couldn’t be successful without us. We must love them on some level to keep them on their pedestal, yet we love to see them in their most chaotic states. Are tabloids like celebrity fan fiction? If they are, then is it important to remember that they’re real people and not characters? Why do you think we’re so obsessed with ridiculing those we idolize? Just food for thought.

Here are 18 ridiculous – blatantly false – celebrity tabloid covers.

Rihanna Has 7 Scandalous Complex Mag Covers [Candy Dish]
Rihanna Has 7 Scandalous Complex Mag Covers [Candy Dish]
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