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Are Virtual Relationships Taking Place of Real, Personal Ones?


I have been reading about the whole Manti Te’o hoax and I am scared. The most blaring question I have in my head right now is if Manti thought he was in such a deep relationship with this girl, why didn’t he ever ask to see her if not personally then maybe through Skype? Can you seriously call someone your girlfriend if you have never met them other than through Twitter and all you have seen of them is pictures on the internet?

Call me old-fashioned but if I like someone that much, I kind of want to see their physical face and not just Instagram or Facebook photos of them which brings me to the biggest question of all: is this the future of dating and relationships (Even Katherine Webb met her boyfriend AJ McCarron on Twitter!)? Don’t get me wrong- I love being able to Facebook chat or Gchat my best friends who are half-way across the country, but it still doesn’t replace me being able to see their big smiles, giving them humongous hugs, and telling them I have missed them! Seriously, think about the last time you hugged someone today or even during this week for that matter. I bet the answer was never or maybe once! Now, think about the times you have been on Facebook chat or Ghat? The answer is probably several times!

I ┬áhave read so many articles about how people are losing their social skills because they don’t interact with people face-to-face anymore because of the internet, and I believe it! If this trend of machines replacing human contact continues, I sincerely fear that people will stop leaving their homes and all forms of “dating” could be from your couch in your pajamas.

Please, if you feel like this impending doom is not upon us, tell/persuade me in the comments- I will forever love you for it!

[Lead image via hartphotography/Shutterstock]

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