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Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 10 [A Bro’s Thoughts]


It was only a matter of time before Mystic Falls decided to go all Breakfast Club on us. While Rebekah played the role of the evil principal making the favorite students sit in detention on a Saturday, the premise behind “After School Special” had the perfect mix of melodrama and plot development, which frankly, after a month’s hiatus, is all I could have asked for from The Vampire Diaries. Recap time!

In Which Elena And Stefan Are Finally Over After Two Seasons Of Complaining

Listen, it might not have been the cleanest break, but Elena and Stefan finally getting some closure out of their breakup really should have had Stefan a little happier. Sure, they were both compelled to tell the truth, but come on, Stefan. You were already on a bender in the beginning of the episode for what I previously considered to be wussy reasons. Now that bender is totally justified! And you can go all “Ripper” evil on someone during your search for the cure now that you’ve teamed up with Rebekah! I feel like I’m dropping straight knowledge on Stefan every week and this dude just doesn’t appreciate it.

Elena, on the other hand, went into straight hussy mode once she got her okay to take Damon to vamp pound town whenever she wanted. You see how fast she got on that phone to call her boo? For real, the only time a girl has called me that fast after she just went through a breakup was cause she wanted the D immediately. Like within the hour. I’m surprised that she didn’t vamp super run to Damon based on how thirsty she was at the end of the episode. It’ll be cool to finally see this relationship off the ground, and hopefully the whole Klaus bromance won’t stifle Damon’s swag.

In Which Damon’s World Is Just One Big Revolving Door Of Bromances

Within a single episode, Damon interacted with Matt, Jeremy and Klaus on a more than superficial and/or ‘I need something done for me so I can continue to bone Elena’ level. In all honesty, all Damon is doing is initiating the P90X workout of vampire hunting champions everywhere. He’s training Jeremy, making sure Matt handles the training with Jeremy and is appeasing Klaus to make sure Jeremy is in tip top shape so this whole ‘Hunter’s Mark’ can grow and they can find the vamp cure.

Also, he seems okay with being on a pizza diet, which is f*cking AWESOME in my book. I think it’s admirable that Damon now seems okay with Klaus’ way of doing things. I was tired of Damon being so much of a pussy to not get some blood on his hands every now and then so he could like make out with Elena in peace. Bro, you’re a vampire. Bite a jugular. You know you love it.

In Which The Originals Are Popping Up With Rebekah as The HBIC And It’s Dope

Listen, after four seasons, I’m glad the TVD writers have caught on: The Original Family is the best part of the show, and you need to keep using them as much as possible. Potential spin-off aside, Rebekah’s reemergence as the queen in these parts not only made me super excited for the potential return of Kol and Elijah, but the almost inevitable Original flashback episode where we find out more about this Silas dude. From the way Kol was talking, you KNOW the Originals have either killed/fought/ran away from the new Big Bad before. As the first immortal being, this dude has got some power, but was anyone reminded of the whole The First storyline from the final season of Buffy? Because I know I was. While it doesn’t really matter how this Silas dude comes back, as long as the current team-up between Rebekah and Stefan stays for more than three episodes, I’m on board.

In Which Jeremy’s Future Slam Piece Should Have Died, But Didn’t Because Bonnie Can’t Get It Together

All in all, it could be said that this was more Bonnie’s episode than anyone else’s. First, her dad becomes mayor. Second, her creepy magic mentor Shane said she was ready to be a full time witch again. And finally, she almost killed somebody using her newly reinstated magic powers, which made sure that Bonnie’s definitely not breaking character anytime soon. However, the biggest conclusion of all of this is that Bonnie was SO CLOSE into finally killing off this April chick, but not even she could do it! I don’t understand! What is this, the fourth episode where April has been on the brink of death? But every time this girl keeps coming back. Die already! Just die! Please. So we can focus on more important things like the vampire cure than your angst over how these 12 sacrifices going around because Shane’s obsession with Silas ruined your little teenage life. Hopefully Bonnie will get this whole black magic ‘Expression’ idea down and we’ll be rid of April. One can only hope.

Overall, it was a satisfying return to Mystic Falls. The hanging idea of Silas over this season so far has been a brilliant move that really rivals the introduction of the Originals in terms of a Big Bad. Also, if Silas is as half as good as the Original family, we’ll be in luck as viewers. Damon and Elena are finally together, but come on, you know that’ll only last until the end of the season tops, but we should bask in it now while we can. Something other than the love triangle is finally driving the show forward! Actual plot development! YAY! Check out the preview for next week below and let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter. (I promise I’ll reply.)