Stars Are Just Like Us: They…Uh…Shop For Sex Toys

Stars are constantly caught in vulnerable positions, and there always seems to be a camera close by to capture their most private moments. You’d think by now they’d start wearing underwear, stop hitting photogs and shave their heads at home. There are, however, some unavoidable situations that most of us regular folks love to keep discreet. I do feel bad for celebrities that they don’t have the same luxury of privacy, but you’d think they’d order their bedroom toys online, not while walking the most popular streets of L.A.

Sex shops are not a place you’d want many people to see you in, including impressionable young fans. These celebs must have had a sudden lapse in judgement if they thought they’d get out of these steamy shops without anyone noticing, or they just no longer give a crap.

Click here to see fourteen celebs caught in the act, or at least right before it.

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