Score These Dazzling Outfits Under $100

If I know I’m going out to a club or a party on Friday night, I’m the girl who starts planning her outfits days in advance (or it could be because I’m just very indecisive). However, there are other times when people are sitting around doing absolutely nothing and they suddenly decide they’re going to a party and I’m like whaaaattt. Those are the times I start a frantic search through my closet (that doesn’t usually end too well) and wish I had random things to pair together that would make me look good.

Well, if you have ever been in this situation, fear no more. CollegeFashion has some great affordable outfit ideas for all occasions and the best part is you probably have most of these in your closet right now. Start rummaging!

[Lead image via Simon Guerrero/Shutterstock]

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