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CC’s Official Inauguration Day 2013 Drinking Game


Politics can be entertaining and fun. But they can be even more entertaining when the fabulous Beyonce performs the national anthem at this Monday’s Presidential Inauguration. Politics can also be more entertaining and fun when there’s alcohol involved. So all you democrats, republicans, independents, and everyone else in between, grab a beer (or six) and let’s get this inauguration started.

Take A Sip Every Time…

-Someone says “America” (this game could end fast)

-Someone says “Change”, “Freedom”, or “Liberty”

-You oogle over Michelle Obama’s dress

-The camera pans to a celebrity

-The camera pans to Obama (just kidding!)

Take A Shot Every Time…

-You spot someone in the crowd dozing off

-You spot someone drunk in the crowd

-You spot someone tearing up

-Boehner tears up

-The camera pans to Oprah

-Someone mentions your home state

-Someone quotes Abraham Lincoln

Chug Your Drink…

-Every time Beyonce sings

-Every time Kelly Clarkson sings

-Every time James Taylor sings

-If John Roberts messes up the oath again


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