The 5 Hottest Male Politicians in the Great U.S. of A.

Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images

Happy Election Season, folks! President Barack Obama will eventually leave the Oval office. Of course, we decided to commemorate the current president and the last election occasion in the only way we know how. This is a big time for U.S. politics, and you’re going to see politicians from all over the country come out of the woodwork, whether it’s to attend the ceremony or complain about the president. We’ve taken the liberty of pointing out the most attractive male politicians for you, so you can plan your TV viewing/blog reading accordingly.

Our new Congress includes more women than ever before. Even still, U.S. government is a male-dominated world. So while we’re stuck with a bunch of dudes, we figured we might as well make the best of it. Without further ado, here are the hottest male politicians in the United States.

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