ReadyU Wants to Treat You to A Valentine’s Day Dinner! [Giveaway]

In theory, Valentine’s Day in college should be a fabulous holiday. Whether you’re attached or single, there’s no reason to spend the night sad and alone (unless you want to). But a candlelit dinner with your BF/GF or a night on the town with your BFF can get pretty pricey — am I the only one who finds herself more often than not staging a “romantic night in”? Cooking spaghetti in a microwave and renting a Ryan Gosling movie might be fine any other night of the year, but Valentine’s Day calls for a certain amount of pomp…which I can’t always afford.

The bottom line is that a proper Valentine’s Day celebration is hard to pull off on a student budget. Luckily for you, ReadyU, the ultimate resource for college students, understands that sometimes it’s nice to splurge on a nice dinner — and they want to treat you to a dinner for two to celebrate the most romantic day of the year! ReadyU says save the ramen and TV dinners for February 15th, and put on something nice…you’re overdue for a meal that isn’t served from a Styrofoam cup or cardboard box.

To enter, tell us who you’d invite as your dream Valentine’s Day dinner date! You could win dinner courtesy of ReadyU, plus a ReadyU prize pack full of lifestyle and grooming accessories to get you ready for your fun night out.


*NOTE: Dinner amount will be dictated by the winner’s regional location and cost of service in relation to value of prize pack.

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