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Five Minutes to Fabulous Abs [CC’s ShapeU]


In the throes of cleaning my room and packing my life back into suitcases as I prepare for my return to school, a few things come to mind: ‘OMG it’s currently seven degrees up there,’ ‘I can’t wait to have my own bathroom again,’ and ‘I seriously hate packing’ are just a taste of my thoughts this morning. ┬áLuckily, I was able to take a break from it all yesterday to find this awesome ab workout from SHAPE Magazine – yes, I like to take a break and workout, too.

Since I’ve been quite lazy as of late, and have been indulging in local grub as if I’m about to pull a Gandhi in the name of passive resistance and starve myself (I mean, Long Island bagels are notoriously THE best, so, whatever), I welcomed some physical activity. A nice surge of endorphins to kick the whole bitter-sweet-to-leave feeling that’s overshadowing the fact that I CAN’T FREAKIN’ WAIT is exactly what I need!

Anyway, try out the quickie workout to get those welcomed ab exercises in. It’s perfect to do anywhere, so you can literally drop what you’re doing and try it. I know how much everyone loves the videos: they’re easy to follow and don’t involved much thinking (can’t say I hate that) so check it out. The workout will take around five minutes, and you will definitely feel the burn!

    I'm an AFAA certified fitness instructor and I adore my job. I'm also an undergrad studying neuroscience, and health and wellness. I love kickboxing and running (which might be for the endorphins). I spend way too much time on my hair, drink seltzer with every meal and eat pretty much anything made of chocolate. I love inspirational quotes and I'm a total cornball when it comes to my sense of humor. Contact me: @google+ @website