“Girls” Comes to a Trashy Realty TV Network Near You

I’m pretty sure we’ve heard some of the buzz concerning the HBO series “Girls” at some point since last April when it premiered. Or maybe you just saw how terrible the star/creator of the series, Lena Dunham, looked trying to walk in Louboutins on the Golden Globe stage earlier this month. Either way, the show is pretty much about a group of young women navigating life in the city, and it stars this really awkward, quirky twentysomething, Hannah, whose parents cut her off financially.

I know we all can be a little bit awkward — especially in our twenties when we’re trying to look like we know what we’re doing, but don’t really have a clue how to act like a real adult — but how many of us can relate totally to Hannah and all her pals? Well, we will soon find out.

A production company posted the following to Cragislist, asking girls to audition for their version of “Girls”:

They want to create a reality TV show following ladies around with the same struggles and situations as the ones featured on the HBO series. Although I do feel like “Girls” is a somewhat realistic depiction of the shakiness of early adulthood, though clearly a bit more enteraining, having an open casting call will only bring about Hollywood Hipster wannabes who will do no justice to the reality of being a “lost” twenty-something. Ironically, I feel like we should leave the authentic depictions to the actresses.

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