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No One Cares About 98 Degrees :(


New Kids On The Block, a band you and I are probably too young to have appreciated (besides the hit single ‘Hangin’ Tough’),  Boyz II Men, who I always thought sang, “Kiss From A Rose” (but that was Seal the whole time), and 98 Degrees, most notable for having a lead singer who deflowered Jessica Simpson, have decided to tour together.

Search the “90s” tag on Tumblr and it’s no secret that people are obsessed with nostalgia, it’s also apparent that celebrities have no trouble capitalizing on this nostalgia. It’s the reason why we have hologram DMXs, flatform shoes and a new 90210.

“The band plans to bring some heat this summer when they hit the road for a brand new headlining tour – and they’re bringing along a few famous friends: 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men will open all shows on the jaunt, which kicks off May 31 in Uncasville, Conn.

“It just seems like we are getting better and better,” Joey McIntyre, 40, tells PEOPLE. “We’re excited to get out there, rock out and have fun.”  Along with the announcement of their tour, the multi-platinum selling group will release 10 – their first new album in over four years – on April 2.

New Kids On The Block do have some clout, they’ve began touring again with some notable names like Lady Gaga. There are plenty of thirty-something+s who still cream their coolats over Joey McIntyre.  I am sure the same goes for Boyz II Men.

Then there’s 98 Degrees :(. No one really ever was even that into 98 Degrees. Nick Lachey is more famous for playing Jessica Simpson’s bland husband on The Newlyweds than for singing the lyrically poetic chorus, “Give me just one night/Una noche.”

The trouble is that the band wasn’t popular enough during the late ’90s and early ’00s to be a point of reference for nostalgia. The band just isn’t quintessential to the ’90s the same way N’Sync and Backstreet Boys were. They were always third fiddle, the same way Jessica was always third fiddle to Britney and Christina. They don’t evoke the same longing for retrospection and their fan base, which are twenty-somethings, just isn’t going to shell out the big bucks to see them.

I remember watching the E True Hollywood Story of 98 Degrees or maybe it was a Vh1 Behind The Music – nevertheless, it was enlightening. 98 Degrees had originally started as a Motown, r&b group – and trust me a few video clips show they were better suited for that – but then N’Sync and Backstreet Boys hit it big, which caused their label to repackage them as a boy band and ditch their old sound. It’s kind of depressing.

Anyway, this post isn’t about how I don’t care about 98 Degrees because I don’t care about New Kids On The Block or Boyz II Men for that matter. This post is about how no one cares about 98 Degrees which is easily exemplified through a screenshot of what’s trending on Twitter: NKOTB and Boyz II Men. No sign of the Lachey brothers and the other two dudes who I can’t remember. I guess, they’re just third fiddle all over again.

Never Forget 

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