The 10 Most Badass Women You’ve Probably Never Heard Of [Lady Bits]

The history we learn in school is strongly male-dominated. That is, unless you had some really awesome teachers (in which case, hats off to them!). Luckily, most history classes do include some major female figures: the Susan B. Anthonys, the Harriet Tubmans, the Gloria Steinems, the Marie Curies, the Joan of Arcs. And don’t get me wrong, those women are incredible. But there are so many more women who did amazing things throughout history but probably got left out of your high school history book.

So here’s to the brave, determined women who dared to defy rules and expectations, and made contributions to the world that we enjoy every day but may not necessarily realize. Here are 10 of the most badass women that you probably never learned about in school.

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