Do You Use the Internet to Get Laid? [He Said/She Said]

My initial response to using websites like Craigslist or OKCupid’s blind date app to find hookups has always been no, no, NO. It freaks me out. Call it watching too many episodes of Catfish, but I am just too freaked out by how easy it is to lie about who you are online. A seemingly cute guy could be a 40 year old woman. Someone who says they love the same bands as you could be Googling them as you type. It’s scary.

But to be fair, anyone can lie. It may be a lot easier to do online, but even someone you meet in a more socially accepted way could be a complete psychopath. Dating is risky. Maybe if we’re still clinging on to the idea of old fashioned romance we also have to get back to the times of actually trusting people. Of not being terrified that a guy could be completely nuts and just enjoy the excitement of getting to know someone.

The OKCupid app sounds weird, but actually kind of sweet. You don’t get to see each other’s photos, and don’t even get to choose your date. You’re matched with someone simply based on where you’d like to have your date, the nights you’re available and your age and location. It could be kind of cool, meeting someone by chance who you just get on with, either in a friend-sense or romantically. I guess that’s the romantic side of me, hoping that these kind of random meetings — meeting someone who just gets you — can still happen, even with some internet intervention.

So there you go, my paranoid side and my romantic side. Let’s meet in the middle. Yay or Nay on using the internet for hookups? I say Yay, with caution. Go with the romance and mystery of the situation. Don’t Facebook stalk. But be safe. Go to a place where your friend works, or tell your room-mate that if you’re not home by a specific time, give you a call. Obviously, have an alert word in case you need an ‘Oh sorry, I have to go! My friend’s having a problem!’ call. Good luck intrepid internet daters.

What do you think of this week’s topic? Have you ever met a date online, or are you strongly against the whole idea? Leave a comment below and click here to see what He Said!

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Get Your Stupid Relationship Out of My Facebook Newsfeed!
Get Your Stupid Relationship Out of My Facebook Newsfeed!
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