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Thoughtback Ensures You Don’t Forget Any of Your Brilliant Ideas [Web Spy]


We’re all used to being bombarded with random thoughts all day long, such as motivational quotes, daily reminders, and more. I’m always getting ideas for things I want to buy, ideas for the book I want to write, and more, so I usually scribble it down in a notebook before I forget about it.

While a handwritten notebook works just fine, the problem with it is that unless you were to sit around a leaf through it, you’d never see them again.  Thoughtback ensures that doesn’t happen.

Thoughtback  is an online “personal idea journal.” Every time something pops in your head that you want to remember — something you want to buy, a favorite quote, a memory — add it to Thoughtback. You can then organize your thoughts by type with hashtags (examples, #reminder and #motivate), to easily sort through all your messages.

In addition to the web-based application, there’s also a desktop version (currently just for Mac users), as well as an iPhone app, so you can find the version that works best for you. Thoughts entered in either of these versions will show up on the web and vice-versa.

Now here’s the really cool part: every time you enter a thought into Thoughtback, the site will automatically send you a random memory from the past, so you’ll never forget again!

I'm a TV addict that loves to cook. I like Disney and Harry Potter probably more than an adult should and hate working out. I graduated from St. John's University in 2009 and am currently living and writing in sunny Southern California.