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Surprise: Kris Jenner Is Not A Good Mother


InTouch got a hold of, Kris Jenner’s ex-husband, the late Robert Kardashian’s diary which revealed how screwed up of a mom she is. Kris is suggesting the diaries are completely fabricated, although InTouch reportedly received the diary from Ellen Kardashian, Robert’s widow.

““Todd [whom Kris was having an affair with] drove up to the back gate & parked. He went in the house & slept in my bed… Khloé & Robert were in the house,” he writes on Dec 15, 1989 . . .  She doesn’t care!” Robert wrote on the same day. “She left [the] kids & screwed all nite.”  Ten days later, his entry was followed by a Christmas day log: “I was home alone with 4 kids.” Robert writes about Christmas 1989. “I put them to bed & played w/them.””

Ditching your kids to bone some dude is totally not cool. It isn’t surprising that someone as exploitative of her children’s lives as Kris is that she would be neglectful of their feelings and wellbeing. She sounds like a selfish person but I am not sure that warrants allegations of abuse so much as her just being a douche bag of a person. Here are the scanned excerpts from his diary – if you can make them out.

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