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Women Are Now Allowed In Combat [Candy Dish]


The ban on women in combat has been lifted. Women now have the right to die in a senseless, convoluted war motivated by hegemony and nonrenewable resources just like dudes. While I am glad that we’re moving away form sexism and homophobia in the military (I wonder if these lifts are occurring because we’re running out of straights men to martyr for a cause they probably don’t agree with. Am I biased about this war? Yes!). According to The Frisky, “Secretary Leon Panetta made the decision on the recommendation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who suggested overturning a 1994 rule that bans women from being assigned into certain ground combat roles. However, women have at times served in those roles anyway, and furthermore, being excluded from those positions have held women back from rising in the ranks through the military.”

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