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Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 11 [A Bro’s Thoughts]


Even though this started out as what a dude thinks about such a girly show, I have to admit, I’m pretty much fully committed/on board with The Vampire Diaries right now. There was like 1% melodrama (Because Elena is pointless!), and 99% legit plot in this episode. It seems like the show will be sticking to this formula for the time being. So count me in.

In Which Damon Keeps Playing The Sacrificial Lamb

I just don’t get Damon’s attitude sometimes. I mean, he was compelled by Kol in this episode, sure. (We’ll get to that later.) But there’s something about the fact that Damon’s always acting ‘high and mighty’ that really got on my nerves this episode. Usually his ‘holier than thou’ schtick is tolerable, even a great source of comedic relief. But in this episode, his whole ‘Please kill me so I don’t kill you Jeremy because that’ll make Elena happy with me even though I’ll be dead’ plot was NOT the Damon Salvatore we’ve all gotten used to on the show. Sure, maybe being in love with Elena is softening him up a bit, but teaming up with Klaus had ‘awesome’ written all over it and the potential is being squandered!

Speaking of Elena, was anyone else happy that she took a backseat in this episode? Seriously. The fact that she got burned by Stefan, is totally committed to Damon, and didn’t have Caroline to whine to for a whole episode really shows how pointless of a lead she is in Mystic Falls. I say they keep her as Damon’s slam piece for the foreseeable future (or at least until this Silas dude wakes up. You know there’s gonna be some sort of sexual/physical relationship between her and the first immortal. It’s almost too obvious for words at this point.).

In Which Kol Is Trying To Be As Awesome As Klaus Or Elijah But It Isn’t Working

When the Original Family was first introduced, Kol came off as this brat who just complained when he didn’t get the chance to kill people all the time. Now he’s just a brat that doesn’t want to wake up this Silas dude for some reason. I’m going to go with the idea that they’re ex-lovers because, well, Mystic Falls needs a little bit of LGBT love already. I’m dead serious here. I know I usually joke around about this stuff, but nothing else really makes sense to me plot-wise.

Take the whole bar fridge scene for instance in the episode. Kol was really overcompensating with the drinking and the massacring compared to his brief appearances on the show previously. Plus he’s the only one that even knows what this Silas dude is about. Everyone else (including crazy Shane) is just like ‘Oh! First Immortal Because We Love Ripping Off Buffy!’ and only Kol is like ‘Dude. No. This Dude Has Some Serious Anger Issues. Just Trust Me.’ Like how does he even know that? His whole ‘I slaughtered his followers’ story seemed super hallow to me. Maybe I’m reading too far into this. Oh well.

In Which Stefan Takes Rebekah To Vamp Pound Town And Gets His Balls Back

You have no idea how ecstatic I was for the end of the episode tonight where Stefan put Elena in her place and went straight to a Rebekah booty call. Let’s be real, who else knew Rebekah had legs like that all episode? Hot damn, talk about stems. (Also, there was a weed sub-plot? What?) But I digress. After four seasons of Stefan being all tortured and putting forth his best B-list Edward Cullen impression (Yeah, I went there) he’s finally able to be like, ‘Listen, I’m awesome and no one ever knew. Where are all the women at?!?’

While the whole idea of being Friends With Benefits with Rebekah has disaster written all over it, I’m proud of Stefan for finally taking advantage of what’s in front of him and throwing it around in the bedroom. (It probably was really convenient that Caroline was left out of this episode, since, well, the tension between those two is the only thing that could rival Rebekah.)

In Which The Bonnie To Evil Willow Plot-line For The Season Finale Is Finally Here

Once again, Mystic Falls is pulling a Sunnydale (Buffy Season 6 if you wanna get specific) and going for the evil witch best friend. I do have to give credit where credit is due though: For the first time, Bonnie looked truly badass with her magic this episode. The whole arm break and TURNING WATER INTO FIRE was pretty awesome. I’m usually not a Bonnie fan, but to see her go all evil for those quick seconds were totally worth the lame sauce sidebars she’s been getting for the past two seasons. I mean, come on, how is crazy Shane really going to try and control someone who can TURN WATER INTO FIRE.

Seriously: Water. Into. Fire. How bonkers is that? I think I’m the only person who actually thought about the physics/science behind that and HOW IT IS IMPOSSIBLE which makes it awesome.

Overall, I was REALLY into this episode. Next week is the official halfway point of season 4, and frankly, it’s anybody’s guess what happens from here on and I absolutely love that feeling. Not knowing what will happen in Mystic Falls is almost as good as not knowing the girl you wake up to in the morning after a bender. (At least for me, anyway.) Let me know what you thought of the episode via the comments or on Twitter. Check out a preview for next week’s episode below. (It looks like Kol Vs. The World is happening and I kinda hope he dies.)