Revive Your Tired Shoes with Nail Polish! [DIY With CC]


One thing that most girls can agree upon is the importance of having one classic fashion staple in their closets: black heels. Whether it’s for an interview or a party, black heels can be trusted to go with whatever outfit you’ve chosen for the occasion (after a little practice walking in them, of course!) Unfortunately, after all of those dinners and nights out, the soles can start looking a little worn out. Luckily, we’ve found a trick to help save your favorite shoes and revamp your wardrobe (without hurting your budget!).

What you’ll need:

-Rubbing alcohol

-Cotton balls

-White nail polish

-Brush (size of your choice)

-Different colored nail polish

-Nail polish remover

What to do:

1. Choose your favorite pair of heels and nail polish color.

2. Clean the soles of your heels with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. This will prep them for the new coat of polish.

3. Paint a layer of white nail polish on the soles, covering the entire section that you will be painting with the colored polish (a nail polish brush will do the trick, but for faster coverage use a bigger brush).

4. Let white polish dry for about 10 minutes.

5. Using the nail polish remover, clean your brush, making sure all of the white polish is gone.

6. Paint the sole with the color of your choice. Two coats is recommended, with time for the first coat to dry before starting the second coat.

7. Let the soles dry for about 30 minutes. You’re finished and have a pair of shoes as good as new!

Thanks to Erica at Fashionluxx for the great idea and instructions! For additional help, visit the site and check out the awesome photos and examples!

[Lead Image via Madrilicious]

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