Cosmic Candy: January 28 – February 3

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

AriesYou may be dealing with a difference in opinion about what it means to be in an intimate relationship with others and you may also come up against some shortage financially.  The former is fertile ground for misunderstandings and both are fertile ground for personal growth.  There is an emphasis of social energy in your chart this week and you need to go out and explore all the circles you are involved in and be unencumbered in your adventures while still being true to your agreements with others.  Be clear about what you expect in love and be willing to really listen to what others tell you.

TaurusThis year contains many lessons about relationships for all bulls, but specifically about commitments in all your relationships.  This week the same theme comes up for inspection specifically in relationship to your public identity.  Are your relationships congruent with your outer life?  Are the folks you are hanging out with (in romantic ways or not) inhibiting how you are showing up in the world or do they support it?  You may find yourself caught having to choose between your career/public life and your relationships this week as both may demand attention.

Gemini It does my heart good to tell you that even though Wednesday may be a little lack luster, or even downright challenging, you are about to turn a corner that can only help you feel more confident than you have in months.  January 30th is the day to pay attention to for clues as to what this shift could mean for you.  The day may have some annoying set backs in work but don’t worry this is a temporary influence.  I really want you to make the most of the next 5 months in terms of self-development as you have a rare opportunity right now to move beyond your usual understanding of who you are and what you are capable of.

Cancer This week has some intensity for all of us here on planet earth and for you my dear crab, this settles entirely around relationships and intimacy.  Consider Wednesday, January 30th a day of atonement and by that I don’t mean repentance but more of an attunement to your nature.  There is no one “out there” that can fill the loneliness you feel-happiness is an inside job and this week may show you that this is not the time to make commitments to others, but it is the time to keep your commitments to yourself.  Let yourself be taken with new ideas and move into spheres you rarely venture to.

Leo I hope that this isn’t the month that you are moving, but if it is than please spend extra time organizing everything and know that if it’s not the smoothest move-oh well!  Life goes on.  If it’s not a move to a new home (or an issue with your house) than there may be an opportunity to work things out with a parent or two, remember growing up is hard to do but an essential component to happiness.  There is extra energy in your partnership houses right now (especially this weekend) so give them more of your energy-you will reap the benefits.

Virgo You are no stranger to hard work but this week may feel like a little more drudgery and a lot less vitality, but don’t get lost in the details!  Things are looking up in the long run career wise and/or socially.  In fact I predict that you will be feeling a lot more comfortable and dare I say capable in the coming months.  I would also like you to consider love again and take some time to dust off your dancing shoes and iron that cute outfit in the back of your closet; it’s time to get back out on the dance floor my friend.

LibraThere is a lot of creative energy for you to use this week but I want you to pay attention to financial and self-worth issues.  There may appear to be a lack in either of the two areas but more than anything I want you to consider how you are spending your money.  Do you respect it?  Do you throw it away?  Do you waste it on things because you don’t feel like you are enough exactly as you are?  What I do want you to do is spend some energy and possibly cash on how you express yourself esthetically.  One little second-hand jacket or new styling gel could make all the difference in how you feel about yourself.

Scorpio This week has the potential to show you in what ways you still need to separate from your parent(s).  It is essential that we learn to stand on our own, but it is sometimes difficult to understand in which ways we are still leaning on mom and/or dad (or surrogate parents for that matter).  Another way this lesson can manifest is though having tension at home with roommates who are helping us understand deeper family dynamics.  Try your best to consider what your greatest role model would do in that situation and then do your best impersonation of them.

Sagittarius For most everyone else this week has the potential to be challenging, but for you, not so much.  This is in part due to the fact that your ruling planet, Jupiter, is changing directions and moving forward on Wednesday.  This will most likely effect your relationships helping them move forward in whatever way is the most appropriate for them to do so.  Wednesday may also challenge you to let go of something you have been holding on for far too long (lifetimes even) so be brave in doing so and know you are making room for something so much more fulfilling to come.

Capricorn The tension for you this week centers on your responsibilities to your social circle and your values and finances.  It could be that you don’t have quite enough in your pocket book to keep up with your friends, if this is true fear not!  It looks like you are moving into more financial freedom for the better part of this month. There could also be discordant resonance between the folks you are hanging with and your beautiful self.  No one is wrong here, but this may be a good chance to learn how to digest and work through conflict.

Aquarius There could be some tension leading up to Wednesday with at work with an authority or parental figure.  Make sure that you are not blindly acting out against someone simply because they remind you of a parent and stay awake and aware to what folks in this category of life bring up for you.  Be careful not to give your power away to easily and also not to be too stubborn just because you can be, and you know you can be!  By Friday things are smoothed over and you have the Goddess of Love in your sign for the next few weeks so do what you need to do in order to feel beautiful, receptive and magnetic.

Pisces There has been more of a “behind the scenes” feeling to your life lately and that remains to be largely true for this week, though by Friday your energy begins to start to move outward again.  You are still completing something so don’t rush yourself and don’t worry too much if you have had less energy than normal, we need time to release the old before starting the new and you are straddling both worlds right now.  There is something that happens mid-week that challenges your identity and your beliefs-try to be open to being challenged, happy even.  This may come from a professor or an educational or spiritual authority-don’t assume that they are right, but don’t assume you are wrong either.

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