6 Things You’ll Definitely Steal From Campus This Semester

On a college budget, even the littlest purchases can feel like major blows to your wallet. Eggs are how much? Nope, there is no way I’m paying more than a dollar for something that I can just find around my house come a certain holiday (Easter, anyone?). Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t go that far, but sometimes in college being stingy with your finances can feel like second nature. When you need that new outfit to go out in next week and online shopping is literally one click away, it’s easy to want to save as much money as possible at a time when your income may be limited.

So why not get whatever you possibly can for free? “Free” is one of the best words in the college dictionary, and when paired with the word “things,” its a life-saver. So we’ve come up with a list of a few free things you can steal from your campus that will help you out this semester!

[Lead image via Fer Gregory/Shutterstock]

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