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Reviewing Bliss’ “The ‘Bod’ Squad” Set [In Our Makeup Bag]


What It Is:

Bliss’ The “Bod” Squad set containing full sizes of lemon+sage body butter, lemon+sage body scrub, Fatgirlslim and high intensity hand cream.

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Bliss originated as a spa in NYC and has since expanded into an uber popular skincare brand. Their classics are cult faves and this amazing value of a kit combines four of those classics: lemon+sage body butter, lemon+sage body scrub, Fatgirlslim and high intensity hand cream. Best of all? It’s only $50 right now and a $115 value! That’s almost a 57% savings, people!

How To Use It:

As there are four products in this set, each has different instructions for use. Start with the lemon+sage body scrub; it’s applied pre-shower and massaged into skin to gently exfoliate. After showering, apply the lemon+sage body butter like you would any body moisturizer. Follow up with Fatgirlslim, bliss’ famous cellulite-battling cream. Rub it into cellulite spots for 20-30 seconds. Lastly, toss high intensity hand cream into your handbag and use whenever your paws are feeling parched. Pretty simple!

CC Rating: A-

I’ve never tried any of Bliss’ products until now and let me tell you, I’m a convert! The products smell wonderful and really do work. Not only that, but this kit is an absolute STEAL. You could even buy the set and give the products away as separate gifts (and maybe keep a few for yourself!).

My only issue with the set was Fatgirlslim; it smells a bit funky and I honestly didn’t see much of a difference. However, I did only use it over a couple of weeks and perhaps it takes months to see effects!

The lemon+sage scrub and butter are delicious. The scrub exfoliates so impressively and the butter sinks right into my skin and leaves a fresh, lemony scent. These two are a great shower pair! The hand cream didn’t blow me away, but it did the job moisturizing my paws and smells fresh. So, basically 2 out of 4 are stellar, 1 is okay and 1 is undecided. Not bad!

This set would be great for someone looking to get into the bliss brand. With four of their bestsellers, Bliss really brought the big guns! The “Bod” Squad set is available from their website, now for only $50!

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