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8 Things We Liked As Kids That Are Really Strange To Us Now


I’m not good with kids. I feel super awkward when they’re running around a room I’m in (I’m scared they’ll fall and hurt themselves), don’t know how to respond when they ask me questions that make no sense, and have never developed that impressive skill some people have of just sitting down and entertaining kids for hours.

I know why I’m so uncomfortable around kids, though. It’s because they’re just plain weird. They watch bizarre TV shows that make no sense, make daring fashion choices like matching rainbow striped leggings with a tiara, and don’t appreciate talking about cool stuff like politics or relationships. Let us not forget, though, that we were all kids once, with our own incredibly strange obsessions. At the time they were the coolest things ever. Looking back, what the hell was wrong with us?

Let us know some of YOUR weird childhood obsessions in the comments below!

[Lead image via izismile]

Born, raised, and living in London, Ellen balances a life filled with reading an excessive number of books, attempting to do Pilates, and writing for Cosmopolitan UK alongside CollegeCandy. Contact me: @twitter