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Bang With Friends App Lets You Get Laid Via Facebook


It sometimes seems like people struggle to keep the smallest things off of Facebook. From political opinions, to that embarrassing picture of you from 7th grade that your best friend decided to post for those dreaded TBTs, Facebook has become our outlet for expressing just about anything. And now, it’s become just a little more TMI. Feel like sharing your desire to have sex with your Facebook friends? Now its easy with Facebook’s new sex app, appropriately titled Bang With Friends.

Though it sounds like some people may be too shy to share this particular part of their lives with a Facebook friend, the website has taken off. Bang With Friends has acquired more than 20,000 users in the four days since its creation, according to the Daily Beast. The site does have one good aspect if you’re interested in “banging your friends.” The app only notifies you if the person you’re interested in “banging” wants to “bang” you back (okay, forget the quotation marks, this is the terminology they’re using). That is, if you make sure that you have the “only me” privacy tab set. Click that, or your Facebook friends may be in for a bit of a surprise.

Who created this, er, interesting app? The creators would like to remain anonymous for now, which may be a good idea considering the contact email address they’ve chosen:, as cited by the the Inquisitr.

So, where’s all the romance in this, you may ask? The answer is simple; there is none. Chivalry, in this case, is unfortunately dead, my friends. According to the Daily Beast, the app was created to improve upon the way online dating sites operate. One creator said, “It would be great, as guys, if you could find out which girls are into you and not dance around anything.”

The app does not take any LGBTQ people into account, but claims that they weren’t aiming to exclude anyone. Describing how the app was made “with a lot of Red Bull and vodka,” one creator says that he is pro giving “everyone this awesome access to finding people who want to bang,” as reported by the Daily Beast.

The creators also claim that the app is not just aimed at the heterosexual male (that is, despite its main image of a basically naked woman and its how-to condom imagery). Women will enjoy the app as well, and have been in fact. 1,000 couples have already been matched to bang so far, proving that its not just men who are interested in finding Facebook pals to bang.

There may be one very redeeming quality to the whole madness. The creators have fixed one of its major bugs, taking your family members off of your list of potential bangable people.

Now that you’ve got most of the info, tell us what you think!

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