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“Girl Meets World” Casts Riley’s BFF, Actress Sabrina Carpenter


Like all other normal 90s kids, I am so incredibly stoked for the “Boy Meets World” spin off, “Girl Meets World,” to get going. Disney announced recently that they have chosen 13-year-old actress Sabrina Carpenter to join the cast.Sabrina will play rebellious Maya Fox, Riley Matthew’s BFF; I have a feeling she will share some personality traits with Shawn Hunter. I am interested to see how she pulls the role off. Carpenter has a recording contract with Hollywood Records, and has had music included on Disney’s Fairies CDs (Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust).

With such a cookie-cutter start, I hope Disney doesn’t sugarcoat the new show (inevitable, maybe). One of the more endearing qualities of the original was its relatability and relevant subject matter. I hope they give the younger audiences a realistic depiction of things they will encounter.

Nevertheless I can’t wait to see the pilot in the 2013-2014 schedule and return to some of the best moments of childhood!

What do you guys think? Will the spinoff be successful?

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